Naked Steve 😳

2021.10.27 22:36 pieman7414 Naked Steve 😳

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2021.10.27 22:36 Frannoham I would pay to improve my awful memory.

It's so frustrating how poor my memory is. Since my teens I've had issues remembering things. My working memory is pretty good, and I can force myself to memorize things for a test on the next day, but long term? Forget it.
I can't remember names without a lot of work. Heck, I forget names within minutes of hearing them. It's so embarrassing. Important information? Unless I work with something constantly it disappears into the recesses of my mind. I've bombed interviews because I can't remember technical terms for things I work with every day.
I'd literally pay good money to improve my memory. Anybody else struggle with this?
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2021.10.27 22:36 ashlyntayler Happy Humpday

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2021.10.27 22:36 trish80s_4_life Swamp ass!

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2021.10.27 22:36 BraveHeroo lost weiup but no transaction?

i noticed that i lost 515 mil weiup at 2 AM i used bscscan but the last transaction was 11.5 hours ago can i get some general tips on whats happening?
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2021.10.27 22:36 Davazis PPK\S

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2021.10.27 22:36 Upscalepath Lvl 100 Hit EZA

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2021.10.27 22:36 KashaKicks Popularity/ Rarity of Delta Forces high?

I recently found a pair of VNDS white high top delta forces with black accents. I’ve been looking online and cant really find anything on them. Not on stockX, Goat or any listings of Ebay. I was wondering if perhaps they are rarer or just not popular?
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2021.10.27 22:36 lRainyDaysl A flying night shark is all I ask for Rockstar

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2021.10.27 22:36 SnooBananas7821 How I feel about Halloween

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2021.10.27 22:36 Dpb1030 Adam Driver, ladies and gentlemen.

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2021.10.27 22:36 Randomstuff9373 When u see someone fall on there face

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2021.10.27 22:36 ian_wolter02 Should I save for a GPU or upgrade more parts of my PC?

Well, I've saved some money and now I could buy for myself a new CPU (I5 11600k), an AIO, some fans, and a new PSU, one more silent. But, I could be saving a bit more to buy a GPU, I´m still pondering my decision but I'd like to hear other opinions too!
That's all, Thanks!
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2021.10.27 22:36 OnomatopoeiaMortis Tried to do a realistic drawing of a picture. (Reference at the end) How can I improve?

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2021.10.27 22:36 duckduckbananas Can Woody get some love too?

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2021.10.27 22:36 OkConsideration6834 Teenager growing up in a society where hatred for men and straight people is normalized and impact of it on my sexuality.

Now a 17 year old girl;grew up in a good house hold and had a perfectly good life and family all the in beginning ;Don’t want to come off as cucky/weak or “you should’ve ignored them” but being on social media ever since I was a preteen I had a lot of interests in random shit every kid my age had back then. I liked gaming and tv series a lot and often went on social media to discuss and follow people with similar interests, it was all fun and games until I met a lot of girls there who were lesbian and had an extreme hatred of men which really hit me because I wasn’t used to this extreme level of hatred for the other gender and didn’t know it existed in general it was the point where my innocence diminished in a way because I wasn’t used to such blunt hatred. Then the truth hit me about discovering the lgbt community and that some people had certain attractions. But continuously spending more time on social media all I would see and hear from these girls were there hatred of men and randomly just belittling them and making fun of “straight girls”. Gradually then almost everyone I followed on social media retweeted and followed misandrist content all the time and for those two years it kept feeding into my brain and it made me feel really insecure and sad in a way that people had that much hatred and that these people who belonged to the lgbt community hated straight people so much and attacked them and belittled them in every aspect and way that got into my head and brainwashed me and made me feel ashamed of being heterosexual; specially liking men. And then at one point the insecurity for being straight and the misandry become so unbearable to the point where I felt traumatized and sick in the head that I just one day felt all the thoughts take over one day and I turned “lesbian” due to the brain wash. I developed the horrible personalities of the people I saw. They made me feel so insecure for liking men and hating every aspect of them that I became “lesbian” and developed same sex attractions out of response to the trauma in a way. It wasn’t just that, pmo also contributed a lot to it. I’ve been doing it since this day and I feel ashamed and suicidal like there’s a ball and chain on my leg dragging me from my humanity. I want to cure my hocd but there’s no motivation for me. What’s the point now anyway. All of society, most people hate men. Or so it seems. Even if I quit pmo entirely and turned straight again. I’ll never stop getting hatred for being straight. I know it sounds stupid but go to any social media platform such as twitter and type “I hate men” or “men are trash” and there are posts coming in every second about that. What’s the use of quitting pmo and being straight again if that’s what I’ll have to hear forever and feel guilty..society will still steer me away and make me hate myself for liking men anyway . No one understands me and will probably laugh at me and tell me to get over it. If I’m lesbian at least I won’t feel bad or hurt or be shamed for being straight. It’s like a defeat and surrender. I know this sounds psychotic but what should I do. There’s no motivation to even be straight anymore. Please just try to understand my situation.
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2021.10.27 22:36 a-peridox Darkrai Raid; add 9804 2860 2182

Internet is a little poo here so sorry if it's slow
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2021.10.27 22:36 Bleuberries6 [FT] Trade List [LF] Festive/ Frozen diys and items

Really need most of the festive/frozen things as I didn’t play last winter, prefer diys but accepting offers of crafted items/ mats too.
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2021.10.27 22:36 Jimbo211a Introductory road bike selection

I just started road cycling longer distances and am looking for an introductory level road bike. The two options I'm currently considering are:
New 2021 Reid Falco Sport
Used 2012 Avanti Cadent 1.0
Both are roughly the same price at $1100 AUD
Thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.27 22:36 Ok_Drag_8794 Buying ghost dragons ASAP. Will trade to best offer lock in a trade ASAP. Taking 4 pre orders.

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2021.10.27 22:36 whatshamilton Sock boy claiming my tote bag as his new bed

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2021.10.27 22:36 MrSkarKasm Accidentally discovered and excavated some buried ruins, is this normal?

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2021.10.27 22:36 throwdisishaway123 What is your favorite thing about the opposite sex?

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2021.10.27 22:36 matheeusn If I start a save now, when officially launch the game and have updates, does anything change in my current save? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm new to this Football Manager universe; I'm thinking of starting a save with Sunderland.

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2021.10.27 22:36 Realshit9 Beliefs

If there are billions and billions of universe's and planet's which humanity cannot say has explored, what makes humanity believe that jesus was born here?
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