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God Im gonna cry Ngl

2021.10.27 23:19 Dr_Discette God Im gonna cry Ngl

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2021.10.27 23:19 TheSanityInspector When you meet someone who you don't quite recognize but who is overjoyed to see you, how long should you bumble through the conversation before you make an excuse, slip away and hang yourself?

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2021.10.27 23:19 shaquille-oatmeal32 A lot more interesting than OP might thing

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2021.10.27 23:19 No-Imagination3800 The BIZARRE Death of Ellen Rae Greenberg | A suicide or homicide? The schoolteacher stabbed 20 times inside her Philadelphia apartment!!!

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2021.10.27 23:19 chonchitoes Ricer Corolla

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2021.10.27 23:19 Leroy_073 My new moster is taking shape, still want to lower it . Any advice? Also for a cool body kit? Thanks ✌🏽🙋🏽‍♂️

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2021.10.27 23:19 brunob92 Depressed AND maniac at the same time? I'm in true hell

Some months ago I started to feel bored. Only it's not the kind of boredom that watching netflix, eating or going to parties could fix. It's some type of existential boredom. I feel like I could build an entire house from scratch with my bare hands, but at the same time it's like there's NOTHING ON EARTH that I really wanna do, that would actually satisfy me or make me feel good. Everything that I think of doing only bores me even deeper. I don't wanna draw, work, eat, go to parties, drink, use drugs, watch stuff, listen to music, dance, talk to people, work out, meditate, sleep, have sex, learn a new skill or ANY LITERAL THING. This is freeking me out, I'm so agitated, restless, anxious and oh sooo bored. I'm on Ritalin due to attention deficit issues and it gives me so much energy that I just don't know how to spend. I feel maniac AND depressed simultaneously. I really need some ideas cause I'm going crazy. I invited my boyfriend over expecting that I'd be better with someone around, but nah. Sent him home because he just felt asleep - I was laying on bed with him trying to calm down and he was tired so just took a nap and I couldn't believe it... . Poor guy. I'm not okay :'S
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2021.10.27 23:19 ZombiedudeO_o Found a consistent barrel setup that maximizes range with little effort

Just wanted to post that I did a bit of testing on what bucking/nub/barrel would maximize range/accuracy.
I shot about 1000 rounds total in my testing to get these results.
I found that a maple leaf mr hop winter bucking (the see through ones) paired with a modify flat hop nub (or really any flat hop nub), and any TBB (crazy jet or prommy worked the best so far) barrel works really well. I was able to get like 175-200ft with a gun shooting 1.7j (or 400fps) pretty consistently.
Maple leaf omega nubs worked good too, but the flat hop nubs did better (by about a 15-25ft difference).
I did the testing on a VFC scar H, krytac m4, and a VFC m4 and all of which shot extremely well.
Anyone else have good recommendations to maximize range/accuracy? I’m curious to what everyone else runs in their guns.
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2021.10.27 23:19 shinabutaisfreedom 我提议加个“冲浪文学”的flair以方便浏览

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2021.10.27 23:19 Admirable-Ad-739 new to this, bag seed, one of many just haven’t started the other ones yet since the season just ended

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2021.10.27 23:19 ArtimisRawr01 Someone didnt believe me when i said i drank a glass of water… theres still a little left

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2021.10.27 23:19 Big_Drink4500 Why do people drift away from me and how can I make friends?

I used to have a bunch of close friends. People I would literally hang out everyday. Im a senior in high school and I literally have no friends I don’t hang out or talk with anybody outside of school. Freshmen year I had a a solid friend group but we stopped talking and don’t hang out anymore. This was partially because I stopped doing drugs and I guess they stopped inviting me to stuff. Only up until last year I found a few really good people. And they stopped hanging and talking to me because they said that I was selfish and had an ego and simply just fun to hang around with. And now I have no friends. In person I thought I was always nice and a genuine person to be around I never had bad intentions with hanging out with any of my friends. Why did I maybe give off that I had an ego and was selfish? There’s nothing worse then pure solitude. In case anyones wondering I’m male, have good grades, and athletic. How can I make more friends? Im trying to go to a state of university school away from home next year to try and meet more people. What advice would me me rn?
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2021.10.27 23:19 chicodelmato [Question] can't download Microsoft apps on jailbroken iPad 3

Hello guys, I've just got my iPad 3 (ios 9.3.5) jailbroken. I was able to install some apps on it but I am not able to download Microsoft apps like Word and outlook. I click on the download button on the appstore it loads for 2 or 3 seconds and it goes back. Does anybody have any solution to this?
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2021.10.27 23:19 RoyalDude87 "The Flaxen Femme Fatale" By John Zakour. Anybody familiar with this book/series or author?

So I was in a mall to buy some coffee and just randomly picked up the book in the title. It was completely random and an impulse buy (I had $2.40 cents left over and decided to buy a discounted book instead of a muffin). It was on the bottom shelf on a discounted rack (cost: $1.98). That's how random this was.

Anyways, this book is hilarious--(just finished the first 2 chapters)! I love the writing style! Is anybody familiar with this guy? Also anybody familiar with this series? I just realized that I bought the last book (6th) in the series.

If anybody is familiar with this series, please let me know if I need to read them in order. I don't want to ruin any plotlines so I will go back and purchase the other five books (or at least the first one).
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2021.10.27 23:19 lighterz_purple slept on track wlr (not playing) no one cares?

i never heard no one talk or care about "Not PLaying" on wlr is it objectively a miss?
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2021.10.27 23:19 halocoolguy We Want BOB in Halo Infinite

But here’s the twist… instead of [Bob](youtube.com/watch?v=YdAbxp0Gkw0), it should be Craig. It’d be even better to hunt Bob—I mean Craig—down in an open-world game like Infinite.
Although maybe we ought not kill him, just say hi instead.
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2021.10.27 23:19 NeedsCrocs Fired for having a backbone when talked down to

I just started a job at a warehouse about 3 weeks ago and have been working my butt off to get to know the place, and I've been picking it up very quick because it's not hard work, it's just a lot of work. They had me on as a temp until I got hired, and everyone including the manager said I'd be perfect for the job and had nothing to worry about, that it was normal to be a temp for a couple weeks.
I created a key sheet for signatures for verification of orders because most people there just scribbled a line and expected everyone to know it, and to cut down on everyone asking again and again I just made a paper. On top of that many labels from the products were just missing so I created a list aisle by aisle to be printed out by the inside sales team. I was staying proactive throughout my time there and taking my properly timed breaks (10 mins). Around a week in I was told I could take a 30min - hour long lunch and leave a little earlier(like everyone else was), by two different people, one who I thought was higher up since I never saw the actual manager who hired me again, and one who was recently hired like me that was doing the same thing. Well on the second week on a Friday I was cleaning up the aisle in the back and organizing since I already finished all the active orders for the day, so like I was told, I was making use of my time.
One of my co-workers, who was also organizing, started up a conversation with me about weddings since they knew I was going to be attending my brothers wedding and she whipped out her phone and started showing me pictures. Less than 5 mins of that and my supervisor comes over to me and with a neurotic tone asks me to come with him. Immediately I knew I messed up just talking to her while I was working, he rushes to the other side of the warehouse expecting me to follow and I'm telling him on the way that I got distracted and it won't happen again. He starts telling me that he's just trying to look out for me and he expects me to be working the whole time, I respond saying I was working and then we started talking of the wedding and she showed me pictures. He goes off on me saying I'm trying to deceive him and "I don't know if you're being honest" but I literally have no reason to lie. Tells me that he also has been meaning to tell me that he noticed I was leaving early and I told him what I had learned about lunches. He says only workers actually employed can take 30min-hour lunch and that I was required to take hour lunches. He also tells me he apparently doesn't even take his breaks and not everyone gets to, but I literally see everyone on break and talking casually in the aisles while they work, I've even learned a whole lot about his life, his suspended son failing classes, from all the downtime he has to talk about it with other people. I say that's fine that I was really only taking them short those few days because I had 3 tests that week and wanted extra time to study. His response was "If you're classes are going to get in the way of your work then maybe we should rethink if you should be here" and everything he said to me was just condescending. Finally I said, "I feel like this is too much, and a little back handed, you know I've been working hard every day and trying my best to learn this place, get on top of any work that's available, I don't know why you have to call me a liar and put down what I've been doing. I said sorry it won't happen again". He says I should have started with that, but I literally did. He never seemed bright so it was like talking to a kid who wouldn't let it go and just wanted to put me down. He then starts showing me that I can clean aisles if I'm not doing anything and just starts showing me how to organize, the very thing I've been doing for weeks, it's not hard. Spends like 3 extra minutes telling me the same thing over and over that I can clean this way, or that way, and this way again. I finally say to him, I get the gist, it won't happen again. He looks at me again and says "are you sure? you get it? ok good then" and then says we will put it behind us and move on. It was all very tense for no reason, I felt shook by that talk but luckily only had 30 mins left in the day and just rode it out working.
I get a call over the weekend at the wedding that I won't be hired on because my supervisor had told the manager "I was on my phone a lot and got into an argument with him about it" I was just shocked, that 5 mins conversation I had was enough for him to yell at me and call me a liar, but me saying that It was too much and a bit backhanded was me arguing. He ended up spending more time condescendingly talking to me about it than I was actually talking to her... it felt ridiculous. So I'm job hunting again, feeling demoralized because I really got involved in that job learning the ropes.
Fun things that happened during those two weeks, That supervisor when I first met him was talking down other co-workers for being too slow and lazy, so I made it a point to always be working. I also taught HIM how to properly do UPS orders since he just sticks to receiving and nothing else. I also found a couple missing orders that were supposed to be sent out weeks before and made sure they knew I found and fulfilled them. Also caught a mistake that someone sent too few of an item to a customer and brought it up to the sales team. Among a bunch of other proactive things I was doing to learn and fix the chaos that was that warehouse. Heard a bunch of sexist jokes being made towards the obviously uncomfortable sales woman and I kept my mouth shut though it even made me uncomfortable. Also learned way too much about the supervisors son getting into fights in school and not doing classwork when he took his unofficial breaks working in the receiving area.
Part of me sees this as a blessing because it was a very toxic workplace with "Rules for thee but not for me" and the disorganization there was incredibly off-putting. At the same time, I was still planning to work there through the year and feel like it's such a cruddy way to be fired, or rather not hired, for something so minimal. I hate looking for jobs again, couldn't even defend myself to the real manager about the whole thing since (time being there>actually being capable). At least I don't have to work under an idiot, maybe the next job will be better, but in general, fuck the work environments I've been finding out there.
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2021.10.27 23:19 TheUltimateTU 2.2M Armsman

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2021.10.27 23:19 96IMJOJO69 Thank you doge.

Can't thank dogecoin enough since they're the ones that got me into shiba in the first place.
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2021.10.27 23:19 animallober25_123 Powdered Oranges for sale!! $15 for 30+ individuals and its $7 for 2 day shipping. Message me!

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2021.10.27 23:19 jan_Moli Volley fire of three rank line infantry [Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars]

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2021.10.27 23:19 Appropriate_Night145 Stop the cap, Stop the cap right now.

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2021.10.27 23:19 FORKlovesSPOON Come for one stay for the other

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2021.10.27 23:19 Joeyfingis [Highlight] ANT with the acrobatic finish

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2021.10.27 23:19 killua710 NEED HELP from any users that are willing

Need help from users, to see if they recognize a tat they may have seen on a Reddit post. If not allowed here I’m sorry. And please no negative comments if you don’t wanna help don’t bother. If you wanna help plz dm me for more info
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