2021.10.27 23:20 DeviceFearless8212 PLEASE HELP

Alright so its night right now and currently my crush is talking to one of my friends and is asking him to ask ME a question and say it wasn't from her. Now a little background check first, She is my friend and we basically talk every night for hours on end, now we weren't friends till about a month or 2 ago and there's been rumors spread around my school that she likes me which makes me super happy and all HOWEVER, I am a VERY nervous person and I'm always thinking about my above average weight (215, 6ft) and how basically I won't find anyone until I lose said weight. Now back to the question, she was basically asking him to ask me if I like her and I have screenshots of her saying that she likes me through him. Now he's telling me to make the move and all that but I'm genuinely really nervous and currently he's waiting for a response so I need to say something, but put yourself into my shoes for a second and tell me how you would react in a situation like this. I'm almost tempted to say no because Idek if I'm ready for a relationship an all that.
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2021.10.27 23:20 Hot_potato04 fischl x evangelion

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2021.10.27 23:20 xceled Northcoast Music Fest Chicago

Anyone catch his set at Northcoast in Chicago? It was great to see him at a bigger venue in his home city.
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2021.10.27 23:20 puckster165 Flying through an asteroid belt

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2021.10.27 23:20 Skaarl- Ame sketches #9 Little Ghost Ame

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2021.10.27 23:20 bela666lugosi i am an asshole

i suck
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2021.10.27 23:20 ManwichInABox Seriously why is venom larger than carnage though?

If you read the comics or watch the movie, it’s never explained how even though carnage as an offspring is supposedly way stronger than venom, venom seems to be larger. Any explanations?
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2021.10.27 23:20 uw888 Owners corporation and building committee refuse to do a basic job

I live in a low rise old building in an inner Melbourne suburb.
The windows have not been cleaned in over 3 years. My windows are covered with cobwebs and dirt, and one can say they are becoming a health hazard apart from an eye sore.
There is a massive construction site across the street and when I raised the issue, the building committee decided it's not necessary to wash them until completed. They all live on the ground floor and wash their windows regularly.
Unfortunately there's no one else I can talk to from the two upper floors as they are all investors and absent, and many of the flats are emtpy.
What are my options? The owners corporation doesn't care about my request, as they say the committee decided against it.
I would think basic window washing is a basic thing to do once per year. Here they have not been cleaned in over 3, as I mentioned.
All bills for owners corporation have been paid regularly and without a fail.
What are my options?
Any suggestions appreciated.
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2021.10.27 23:20 spacenerdgasms Why are trunks important for elephants?

Cause without them they won’t be allowed to swim at the beach
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2021.10.27 23:20 SwoopDaEagle Jason Kelce on Losses: "All You Can Do is Go Back & Work" | Press Conference

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2021.10.27 23:20 Lflsqrl Oddly specific ink/pen image request and recommendations

I was recently gifted a Sailor PGS Dragon Palace. It’s by far the most expensive pen in my collection, and as such, I am terrified of doing anything to hurt it. But obviously I want to write with it!
I’ve looked through old posts and I know that some inks are more well-behaved. I also know that I really like KWZ Honey but I’m not sure that I trust it (I had a hell of a time cleaning it out of my Delike Retro). To this end:
1.) Is anyone using KWZ Honey in a Sailor PGS with a MF nib, and if so, would you mind sharing an image of what it looks like on paper? Bonus points if the paper is cream-colored.
2.) Should I just avoid using it in my Sailor?
3.) Got any other ink recommendations? I’m always on the hunt for more 😁
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2021.10.27 23:20 TexasPoke2021 FS 80 Prizm base rookies. Minimal dupes. $40 shipped

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2021.10.27 23:20 Performer_Upstairs I need help I think my rats are gay. They go in 'dark' corners, hammocks, lay on eachother. Than they 'playfight' and one starts squeeking but isn't trying to get away and he doesn't have any wounds so he isn't getting hurt. So I guess he's just 'moaning'? Idk just meet my gay rats. Luci and Mel 😅

I need help I think my rats are gay. They go in 'dark' corners, hammocks, lay on eachother. Than they 'playfight' and one starts squeeking but isn't trying to get away and he doesn't have any wounds so he isn't getting hurt. So I guess he's just 'moaning'? Idk just meet my gay rats. Luci and Mel 😅 submitted by Performer_Upstairs to TheRatEmpire [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 23:20 kephinstephen For all the new peeps just boarding this rocket ship 🚀

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2021.10.27 23:20 knut8 Get rewarded for working out! New Paceline reward this week! Choose your own $5 bonus card when you download the app and complete your first streak using my code-AMANDAK

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2021.10.27 23:20 drawingarrows The Real Bin Chickens of Australia

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2021.10.27 23:20 Astarr132 New to this whole thing:

Hi! I’m 22, looking for a sugar daddy, I’m new to this whole thing and have no idea where to start. I’m gonna be upfront and honest I’m not looking for a relationship or anything I’m just looking for financial help I guess. Texting is my go to since I’m actually filled with anxiety about this all. I’ve only ever had scammers in my dms before on Twitter any time I mention looking for a a sugar daddy to help pay bills lol.
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2021.10.27 23:20 April2022babyondaway U.S. Mamas - when did you tell your work? What did you do if you didn’t qualify for paid leave or FMLA?

FTM about 16 weeks. I started a new job with a new company a few weeks into my pregnancy.
When I was onboarding, I learned I don’t qualify for any parental leave or FMLA since I won’t have been with the company for 12 weeks.
My plan is to email HR tomorrow telling them I’m pregnant and asking them how the process will work with taking time off. Once I have it all figured out with HR, I will then tell my boss and my coworkers.
I should get 6 weeks off unpaid with a doctors note or 8 weeks unpaid if it’s a c-section.
I’m a little stressed about it because I work in a very career driven field… most of my coworkers are (30+) single with no children and the new big boss was promoted due to his “ability to be available with no at-home restrictions” AKA he’s 50, single no kids and will answer the phone all hours of the day/night.
I don’t care if they aren’t happy or even supportive but I am worried since there is no job protection (USA… so ridiculous) that I could face stark repercussions.
Any advice? What did you do if you didn’t qualify for FMLA?
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2021.10.27 23:20 Mariaoia i have some flowers

anyone wanna see
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2021.10.27 23:20 ThePhoneGuy1996 Caution Shibes!

With Halloween upon us, remember this. If someone dressed up like a girl scout comes to the door and ask you for Tree Fiddy in DOGE, slam the door! That damn Loch Ness Monsta will be out in full force. Whatever you do, don't even give him a dollar! You will never get rid of him.....Thanks for your time. LOL!
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2021.10.27 23:20 RobloxGamesAdoptMe Dammmmmmm

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2021.10.27 23:20 sublime789 darkrai

4849 1855 3184
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2021.10.27 23:20 crazybarista98 Any good podcasts?

I’m a first year rad tech student and I have an hour drive to my clinical site 3 days a week. I was wondering if there are any good podcasts you guys listen to that are anatomy or radiology related :). TIA
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2021.10.27 23:20 Cheerio_cherico Do you have to find coverage for when you are taking an unpaid sick day?

I work at a part time coffee corporation. On Tuesday, I left because I didn’t pass the COVID questionnaire. My assistant manager reluctantly let me leave, after guilt tripping me saying that he has “been working 7 days a week for years and he’s tired and doesn’t feel well sometimes but he pulls through.” Tonight, I texted both my assistant manager and manager saying that I won’t be in tomorrow and still have a fever. Again, I was guilt tripped by my assistant manager saying, “Please try to find coverage for yourself, it’s really challenging to work a person short and very taxing on your coworkers. Let us know what you come up with.”
Maybe I imagined seeing something about not being legally required to find coverage, while I’m literally in the emergency room, but I feel like this is unreasonable to ask of me. After guilt tripping me and manipulating me, I feel like I have had enough and don’t get paid enough to deal with this bullshit. What do you guys think? Am I being unreasonable?
I live in Virginia if that Information is needed.
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2021.10.27 23:20 ShortShape4013 Does PE or APE need casing layer?

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