Mac 10 is OP. This was a fun Win

2021.10.27 22:50 The_KingArthur Mac 10 is OP. This was a fun Win

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2021.10.27 22:50 grooviest_baby Found this bone at the park with my fiancé; his hand for scale. Can anyone help with ID?

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2021.10.27 22:50 psychemari Let Me Find The Account You’re Looking For!

I have a lot of trader friends who sell accounts from all different servers. Just DM me with the characters + server you want and I’ll inform you if there’s something like that available! Just a small middleman fee [literally just $5 lol], and I’m readily available to verify my identity should the need arise!
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2021.10.27 22:50 bheighkeigh hello from his log house!

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2021.10.27 22:50 One-Angry-Goose There’s fun challenges, there’s fun difficult mechanics; and then there’s those with the classic McMillen stench to em

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2021.10.27 22:50 Academic_Estimate_22 Why Are We Not Allowed To Block A Streamer's Mods?

I personally don't think its fair that we can't block a mod. While most of the time when a mod is toxic the streamer is too since they usually have similar moral compasses, once in a while there will be a streamer who has a different moral compass then their mods. Which is why I think its unfair.
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2021.10.27 22:50 cheekyone89 Members only

Do we want a sub to talk about members only vids before they come out, without spoiling it for non members?
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2021.10.27 22:50 Physical_Psychology2 How many Howard 100 News “News Directors” were there?

I remember Brad Driver, but I also remember there were a few others and there was a lot of turnover in that position
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2021.10.27 22:50 canadian-weed Anybody having trouble accessing crypto and Coinbase. Did we break it

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2021.10.27 22:50 YellowCrazy1904 Darkrai raid on me 377311947546 or my other account 883788313586 Adding 10

Darkrai raid on me 377311947546 or my other account 883788313586
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2021.10.27 22:50 SpiritGun98 "Cole Cassidy? That's a terrible name for a cowboy!"

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2021.10.27 22:50 -Salsa_Shark- Working on my 1987 Sportster and looking for a chopped rear fender that is already painted to replace the original. Not finding much online.

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2021.10.27 22:50 skylar835 the last metroid is not in captivity. the galaxy is not at peace…

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2021.10.27 22:50 Kalmaroe [DS2][PS5][NG] Would appreciate any and all help with Ruin Sentinels. Right next to The Tower Apart bonfire.

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2021.10.27 22:50 verywickedfellow eyern fix rinckes

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2021.10.27 22:50 bz82m J.Cole - Power Trip ft. Miguel

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2021.10.27 22:50 Ahyesclearly Mic drop

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2021.10.27 22:50 bussyblaster69420 Ariana has been white, lxtxnx, black, and Asian.

Now she just needs to wear a hijab, a bindi, and a native headdress to complete the racial rainbow 🌈👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿
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2021.10.27 22:50 Puzzleheaded-Farm431 Dealership .. Negotiate ?

Hi, I’m trying to buy a car at a used car dealership and it’s my first time. I’m willing to pay cash for this car it’s 14k and I’m wondering if I can negotiate a better deal considering I’m offering cash. ( not financing ) Any advice? Please comment thankyou
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2021.10.27 22:50 leprakraken Has anyone actually called attendings who are from their country instead of coldmailing to land a rotation for USCE?

I just feel like mailing has been so slow and I barely find it yielding any returns. Please let me know. (Oh and this is purely for other IMGs who are working as attendings in some uni hosps from my country)
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2021.10.27 22:50 mean_bean_queen I keep seeing something in the vents

It started when I crashed my car.
Well, really, it started after. I had broken several bones and a few ribs, and had hit my head on the steering wheel so hard I saw stars. The whole experience of being taken out of the car was a blur honestly. All I remember is the smell of the smoke steaming from the front of my car, seeing the tree I had crashed into, and being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. There was a lot of blood mostly pouring from my head.
I had been lying down in my hospital bed trying to sleep a few days after, connected to what seemed like too many IVs, when I saw it in the dim lighting of the room.
Yellow eyes. Yellow eyes were behind the air vent above me. I blinked once. Twice. Three times. The yellow eyes were still there. They were wide and had no pupils, and were staring straight at me. I began to scream and tried scrambling off of the bed.
Fuck these IVs. I needed to get away from whatever the fuck that thing was. The yellow eyes didn't even blink once. They just kept staring at me with utterly no emotion. I couldn't believe how wide they were.
A nurse rushed in while I was trying to remove the IVs in a panic. "Honey, honey, what's wrong?" She asked, eyes wide as she tried to make sense of the scene; and then to run over when she saw me trying to take my IVs out, placing her hand on mine to stop me. "Honey, you can't take those out. Talk to me, what's wrong?"
I felt like I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to look at the vent. "I-" I began, chest heaving, "There's something in that vent!" I exclaimed wildly, pointing up to the vent but not daring to look again myself.
The nurse furrowed her eyebrows as she looked up at the vent, and then looked over to me in what felt like a mixture of pity and confusion. "Sweetheart, there's nothing there."
No fucking way. "No, that's impossible, it was just there!" I stopped to finally look back up to that wretched vent and gasped. And then screamed. The eyes were closer to the vent now, almost pressed against it, and I could finally see the outlines of a face. A horrific face. Not horrific in the sense of it was ugly, but it literally only had eyes. No nose, no mouth... Just a pitch-black face with wide, yellow eyes. And pitch-black in the sense of it had no fucking color. It looked like a shadow.
"It's STILL there!" I cried, pushing the nurse away and doing my best to get the fuck out of this fucking hospital bed. "You can't see it?!"
The nurse was visibly panicking now but took a deep breath and pushed a button on her badge. "Miss Adler, there's absolutely nothing there!" She began moving forward and placed her hands on my shoulders. "I want you to breathe with me, okay?"
I couldn't. I fucking couldn't. Not when that thing was still staring at me, not when I could see those terrifying eyes in my peripheral. "No, no, I can't! How can you not see it?" I screamed, writhing under her touch and pushing her away again. I needed to get out of this bed, out of this room. Out of this hospital. I ripped the final IV out of my arm.
More nurses came flooding through. Security, too. The nurse, Cindy I learned her name was, began explaining the situation. What, had that button she pushed been a panic button? I wasn't dangerous. How could none of these people see that fucking monster above my bed?
They began to talk to me. I was out of bed now because I simply refused to be under that thing. Blood was dripping down my arm, but I didn't feel it. My pulse was racing too fast. I didn't even hear much of what they said. Something about lowering the morphine, that maybe that's why I was "hallucinating."
They agreed to move me to another room, which I wasn't entirely happy about but I couldn't exactly walk away from the hospital in this condition, or at least that's what the nurse told me when I refused to be here anymore. And, funnily enough, I didn't see that horrible creature the rest of my stay there. I began to believe it really may have been the morphine and the other medications they had me on that made me hallucinate like that.
I was released a week later and given some pain meds to take regularly. It felt good to be out. Even though it was a hallucination, I had felt really and truly uncomfortable with sitting in the same hospital where I saw that awful, awful thing.
I was getting ready for bed later at my humble little trailer home I shared with my sister, who was currently away in London she had saved all year to travel to, when I dropped my phone.
"Fuck," I muttered. I had been trying to brush my teeth and text at the same time, which obviously wasn't the best choice with a cast on my left arm, but these pain meds were making me feel like Wonderwoman. No wonder people got addicted to opioids.
I turned around and started slowly crouching down to pick it up (fuck broken ribs) when my blood ran cold.
Eyes. Yellow eyes under the vent my phone had fallen onto. It had fallen screen first so the light illuminated its shadowy face. It had no mouth, but I heard a low hehehehe. A bony, ghastly hand slid through the cracks of the vent and clenched the metal. It started pushing against it.
I screamed. Fuck the phone, fuck the toothbrush. I ran into the living room, grabbed my home phone, and booked it outside. My injured body was screaming at me but I didn't care. What the fuck. Like what the fuck.
I called 911, breath heaving and trembling in fear. I told the 911 operator to please hurry, there was something in my house. I couldn't think straight.
Then, something cold, so terribly cold wrapped around my neck. And then a crack as something rebroke my arm. I dropped the phone. I screamed bloody murder, but couldn't move. I was paralyzed.
I felt something just as cold slide around my body, like a snake, and I was sobbing.
"Please," I begged over my hiccups. "Please stop! Please, someone, help me!"
But no one did. Of course no one did. The closest neighbor was two miles away. Where the hell were the police? God, where the hell were the police?
Then, the cold traveled up my chest.
The last thing I saw was its face, so close to me we were almost touching, its yellow eyes, and a mouth appearing out of nowhere- not, not a mouth, more like a hole as it got wider and wider, and an awful screeeeeeeeechhh.
The cops pulled up then, but I was nowhere to be found.
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2021.10.27 22:50 Crazywelderguy °per 100 ft. Radius, diameter, and circumference reference table

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2021.10.27 22:50 Whatsup129389 I think Resurrection is ranked too low too often.

I always see it ranked so low. I personally think it's better than Revenge, Curse, and Zombie's two movies. I'd rank all the others above it though. I don't think it's good necessarily, I just think it's better than those four. It has Jamie Lee Curtis in it for a bit, it has a decent interpretation of the theme, and a decent mask.
Revenge I have a lot of nostalgia for and it has Pleasence, and Curse has a pretty good mask and good atmosphere. But overall I still feel Resurrection is better.
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2021.10.27 22:50 ZZXplosion Meet Milton!

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2021.10.27 22:50 Recent-Comparison-29 i encoded research in my application upca 2022

HELP ngayon ko lang nakita yung list of subjects na hindi iindicate pero napasa ko na yung form 1 and 2b ko. nilagay ko yung science > research for pr kasi i figured they were the same thing :(( pero ang dami posts saying they just took out pr in their form 2b other than this i triple checked my forms before passing, hindi ko lang kasi talaga alam na hindi iinclude ang pr. what do i do? will this affect my chances in getting into up? i have a couple of friends from diff schools who did the same thing. what do we do?
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