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Wheels and Tires

2021.10.27 21:49 Hobocarwash Wheels and Tires

Does anyone have any good recommendations on the best sites that are reliable that may run good Black Friday sales on rims/tires (I am in no rush and can wait for a good deal)
I am looking to get some Volk Rims (not sure about tire brands/types).
I’m not really sure if I should go with 15 inch or 16 inch. It’s been so long since I owned an import and I have a company car so I never busy any wheels/tires anymore.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.10.27 21:49 optionhome More Clown World for your review. Too bad these tools still don't know that Clown Masks offer no protection against covid or any airborne virus

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2021.10.27 21:49 Horsenwelles How To Make Yourself A Sandwich

The slow, rhythmic thumps of water dripping on a stone floor was the first thing I can recall. It was in a daze that I staggered to my feet and tried to look around at my new environment. It had an open ceiling and long steel rods meticulously crafted across the stone walls. It was a long hall that had several doors and passages inside its structure.
I looked down at my leg and noticed a chain made of heavy steel wrapped tightly around it. Its pressure wasn't unbearable, but it wouldn't come off. I screamed and screamed to anyone who could hear, but eventually I slid down the side of the wall to cry. After the sobbing and mental shock, I started checking for any way out. Any doors, any secret passage ways. Anything to get me to something resembling normalcy. I found myself scratching at the stone until the pain from my broken fingernails against the rugged stone became too much to bear.

I remember staring at a small insect in the corner of the corridor when a door opened from down the left side of my confinement area. A crimson clad woman in a green rubber mask walked into the room and presented a tray. I screamed at her. I barked the worst obscenities you could imagine at her and tried to grab at her. It was no use however. The speaker from high atop the steel structures bored into the stone chimed on and began speaking to us.
“Cell 3-4F. Take the tray and use the provided tools to make yourself a sandwich” it proclaimed and screeched out. The woman lifted the lid off of the silver tray and revealed a plain butter knife and a piece of cloth. She slid the tray across the floor to place it within my reach as I stared at it with curiosity, anger, and several other emotions I can’t quite put into words.

The silence of the corridor was unbearable while I stared at the butter knife. I had to figure out what they meant by all this. “make yourself a fucking sandwich? who the fuck captures someone and then tells them to make a fucking sandwich?” I screamed to myself. I tried bashing the butter knife against the wall for any kind of psychological comfort, to no avail. There was nothing to do but figure out what the voice meant by “make yourself a sandwich.

It started to become a nuisance and even an annoyance as the cloth and the butter knife stared at me with their still, quiet, malice. They knew what the voice meant by it. They had to! the entire situation was far too orchestrated to not be in order. Then it hit me. “they want me to make…. Myself into a… Into a sandwich?” I asked out loud to myself. The echos of my voice against the stone was the only levity from the constant silence, so it was strangely comforting to figure out what my captors had meant at this moment. It was a moment where I got to hear something.

Minutes, days, weeks; nothing temporal registered with me at the time. I rocked back and forth on the stone floor with my inanimate friends. I held the butter knife and used it as a mirror to look into my own eyes. Just to see someone’s eyes for even a moment was a reminder that I was still human. There was still humanity on earth.
I became irrational and contemplated what to do if my captors were killed and I was never found again. I went through mental scenario after mental scenario trying to devise some way I could make it through all this. After some time in this contemplative state, I had a mental lapse in judgement where I thought I should play by their rules. I would make myself a sandwich.

First, I grabbed the cloth and tied it tightly around my left arm and I took the butter knife and jabbed it into my hand just below my knuckle. The pain was beyond human understanding as I hacked and sawed slowly through my hand’s meaty flesh with the butter knife. I rammed it down into the bone to try and break anything I could so I could just get it over with.
The blood streamed out of my hand like the eruption of Pompeii. I pulled and yanked on my fingers hoping to God almighty that they would just rip off quicker. The pain began to make me woozy but I fought through it with pulsing madness ravaging my skull. I took a piece of stone and crushed my hand upon its hard edge. I used the butter knife to finish the sawing through my fingers.
After my fingers were torn through and ripped off, I grabbed the knife and began sawing through the wrist. I had devised that my palm would be the patty and I would use slices of my arm’s flesh as the buns. "Quite a delicious image to be honest" i thought to myself as the shock set in whilst the spewing blood covering the stone tiled floors.
After the hand detached and I tied up the wound, I began sawing off slices of my left arm in strips to use as buns. The pain wasn’t even registering to my brain at the time. I just wanted out. Anything to get out. I put the slabs of my own flesh upon each other and placed it neatly on the tray. I passed out on the floor after the deed was done. I was now a man who made himself a sandwich.
The sauce was beautiful. The texture was perfection. The Ingredients were all organic. It was bliss Incarnate. I passed out in ecstacy and blood loss upon the cold tiles below me.
I awoke to the sound of a door opening and I saw the legs of the masked woman stumble as she vomited under her mask at the sight of me. She pulled off the mask and ran out of the room. The speakers chimed on and began speaking like last time. “Cell 3-4F you have failed the amnesia simulation test. You are not psychologically capable to be in a foreign environment without human contact. We were about to bring you the food to work with, but sadly you went into a psychotic state that made you believe you were in a kind of torturous game. You will be released and we will have you sent to your commanding officer. The testing time was Two hours, Forty Eight minutes, and Twelve seconds. Your belongings are with the secretary in the room to your left. Thank you for your cooperation and we are sorry for your inconvenience.”

Two hours? The whole event was only two hours. I was unchained from the wall and was walked out to the secretary’s desk. I began chuckling to myself uncontrollably. She asked if I needed to sit down. In-between laughs I tried desperately to tell her “I’m actually kind of hungry. Could you make me a sandwich?” I kept laughing. I couldn't stop. It was just two hours. I had gone through psychosis and undergone self mutilation in only two hours. I made my body into a form mimicking a common food product in just two hours.

My laughter caught the attention of several doctors and commanding officials who tried to restrain me. I wasn’t held back though. Quick jerks of their neck muscles and jabs to their hearts and they were all still. I cut them into several delectable slices and tried all sorts of different methods of cooking the meat. Honestly, I want to thank them. If it weren't for their inspirational test, I would have never become interested in the culinary arts.
I try to cook the best meals when i can... you know.
Get the right ingredients.
I hope to serve you soon.
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2021.10.27 21:49 shippainting bloon trap go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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2021.10.27 21:49 joefra123 need more ETH to complete swap

I’m trying to complete a swap (ETH to KUMA) and it originally said i needed 0.0401 more ETH. I added 0.05 more ETH to metamask and its giving me a similar message saying i need more ETH to complete the swap. Is there anything I can do to allow the swap to go through?
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2021.10.27 21:49 Sufficient-Methods YSK that 6th and Massachusetts is a hot spot for “missing” bicycles.

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2021.10.27 21:49 DS_GOSTEELERS7 New league current gen

PS4 League: Only team taken is Jets,
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2021.10.27 21:49 S0n_of_Will (F4F) Playing TFT Set 6! Come by and say hi :D

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2021.10.27 21:49 Desperate_Cap1240 Anyone want to play Minecraft?

I’m bored I have no one to play with so I’m open to anyone who wants to play (Java edition), my timezone is US.
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2021.10.27 21:49 LjahPlayZ To Cool For Aim-bot?! 🎯

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2021.10.27 21:49 cityshrimp 10/27/2021 - SHPW PIPE dump play

Didn’t take as long as I thought for SPACs to calm down. A lot of the pumps from yesterday or even today PM are down now. BKKT and DWAC are getting a second bounce but that happens often with pumps, not unexpected. SPACs sub is getting too much noise tho. Many tickers being mentioned; gonna try to focus on what works for me.
Moves Bought SHPW Nov 10p @3.41 - puts are quite expensive, as expected since S-1/A filed a couple days ago. Would be very surprised if EFFECT doesn’t come within a week. Expecting close to a $1 drop like HUMA. And I really hope no one is stupid enough to P&D this when the PIPE can dump any minute.
Sold BKKT 7.5p @0.70 (-53.3%) - still holding the 10p. I’m not nearly as confident that ER and PIPE dump will take this down enough. Lowering how much I commit to this play.
Existing Positions PROG Nov 4c - added more. 2/3 of my portfolio is in this now. I will be officially done if Friday’s conf ended up being a rug pull day.
Watchlist GWH - PIPE dump play. Waiting for things to settle
KVSB/RTPY - vote coming up soon. Could be a squeeze play.
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2021.10.27 21:49 DiscardAcctAsNeeded Question for fellow armor geeks & industry folks

Where did the 10x12 standard come from? And why does the commercial/consumer-driven segment of the armor industry seem to prefer it over SAPI medium?
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2021.10.27 21:49 PeytopSkiddlyBop starting a bit late again today, however. Its time to get spooky with the new #Phasmophobia update. I'll be joining some friends today, where we mess around and find out very quickly.
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2021.10.27 21:49 colive888 Sooo we are supposed to buy more now right!! Lol buy the dips buy the highs just buy if you can!

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2021.10.27 21:49 Mountain-Chard-6134 Hany guirguis eco4000

I have a midterm tomorrow for him. Any recommendations on what to do or what material to study because he didn’t give anything out.
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2021.10.27 21:49 raging-narcisist How well does daily JW practice work?

How well does daily JW practice work? Like, going over my answers, I'm not sure what I'm getting out of it. I don't notice any trends, and I feel like a lot of the incorrect choices I make are just down to details.
I know third-party is nowhere near as good as AAMC, but I have finished all AAMC material. FL1 I scored 130, and then this dropped to 128 in FL4.
All I'm trying to do is to get it to 129-130, so like a 1-2 point boost.
For those that have been in this boat, does daily practice (just like doing practice, without taking notes) help? Not sure if I should have faith that my score will improve with practice, or if I'm not getting anything out of it.
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2021.10.27 21:49 call_me_sora About fine dining/fancy food in general

Sorry if these feel like a rant, but i see a lot of people makr fun fine dining or just fancy food in general because of the pirtion size compared to the price or because of the excessive plating. I'm aware that at least some of it were joke but it still somewhat sadden me when people think fancy food is just about smearing sauce on plate and making it look good when the preparation is way more complicated than they think. I mean the chefs don't train for years only to be compared with street foods.
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2021.10.27 21:49 MyLifeasShroom Old bugs, still there

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2021.10.27 21:49 Auto_Traitor My Manager of Mischief: Stinky

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2021.10.27 21:49 Rush_Live Aba Shimon

Zion Golan's song about Shimon Bar Yochai
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2021.10.27 21:49 BOLLEKESLIFE My main team is asta, kark, yasmine, celeste and maya. What other teams can i form for grand arena?

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2021.10.27 21:49 Special-Sky-9795 Hello

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2021.10.27 21:49 burner2021999 16 what was yours?

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2021.10.27 21:49 IanJosh3456 man found his partner

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2021.10.27 21:49 Andrewww30 New Caspr Single - “Don’t Make Sense” - Out 10/29

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