Another day to my lonesome, no GF no nothing

2021.10.27 22:27 AStevensThrowaway Another day to my lonesome, no GF no nothing

It's getting tiring. Every day just feels like the last and idk how to fix it. I have friends yeah, but I long for something more that I just can't get. At 25 I should have had it but I never did, perhaps it's passed me by. Perhaps it's fate?
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2021.10.27 22:27 spg-shubh Had a blast, definitely exceeded my expectations

Generally, I keep my expectations low when it comes to games with licensed characters like Marvel’s s as they have to spend a lot of budget on the licenses but this game exceeded all my expectations.
Combat was fun, simple to pick up but gives you the ability to create good combos with different abilities. Everything else including but not limited to Story, voice acting, graphics, soundtrack are mind blowing!!
My 2 small gripes are the huddle mechanic which was fine the first few times but definitely felt gimmicky and tiresome by the end. 2nd is that licensed music only plays after huddle.
Add in a option to skip the huddle and just do the powerup and music on l1+r1 and this game is a 10/10 for me. Always love a good single player game!! /
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2021.10.27 22:27 pan_telones Fruita loops this morning

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2021.10.27 22:27 dylan_in_japan Finished up my bedrack on my mini-Tacoma as well. Both the roof rack and bed rack are modeled by myself to mimic the ones on my real Tacoma by UpTop Overland

Finished up my bedrack on my mini-Tacoma as well. Both the roof rack and bed rack are modeled by myself to mimic the ones on my real Tacoma by UpTop Overland submitted by dylan_in_japan to crawling [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 22:27 Retro-Redlines Found a couple mooneyes in the dump bin today!! I had to make them a little more hot rod

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2021.10.27 22:27 ginobli777 Is doing AZEO (All Zero Except One) when having no credit beneficial to credit score in the long term or is it just a short term boost? Does utilization matter in the long run?

If I get accepted to an unsecured/secured credit card, should I be worried about doing the AZEO method or can I spend as much as I want as long as I have Autopay on?
In addition, should I care about utilization in general or is having Autopay on sufficient for building credit score at fastest rate?
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2021.10.27 22:27 Inevitable-Coast-744

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2021.10.27 22:27 RemoveLowsecCynos Would you prefer to..

(Second option comes with buffing defenses and such so they cant be entirely wiped out with one arty strike or just nerfing artillery strike.)
View Poll
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2021.10.27 22:27 SlaimeLannister What is something only members of your circlejerk community would understand?

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2021.10.27 22:27 banterism Come enjoy the festivities as we continue our reputation as the Crypto Capital of the Americas - metaverse nft’s

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2021.10.27 22:27 pronounpinsdotorg Re-re-review

I've asked for feedback once or twice before on here after making major changes to my site. It's that time again 😂
I've rebranded it, added many more products and changed the theme to reflect it as well.
I'm going to be a little vague with the details intentionally here because of competition issues. I get roughly 10,000 site visitors each month almost entirely through organic social, organic search and gifting campaigns with influencers. (advice to others- use gifting campaigns! I've gotten my products in front of over 200k people for about $15. no ad platform can match that). I'm generating 5 figures of sales each month, which isn't super high but I'm fairly happy with it.

Areas I know are issues:

My site is
Thanks in advance 💙
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2021.10.27 22:27 otakudiary1 Square Enix Reveals Star Ocean The Divine Force Game for 2022

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2021.10.27 22:27 Swarm140 Help please. My Sims won’t enter their house

I can go to build mode and go through the different layers of the house easily, but when I go to live mode I can’t cycle through the walls at all. Also there is a porch on the second floor and if I say “Go here” the game won’t allow them to even go enter the house still. They’ll walk up to the front door and then say they can’t go inside of the house
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2021.10.27 22:27 Vendetta35 Ada-XY

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2021.10.27 22:27 leakypipe33 How…

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2021.10.27 22:27 maxvideo127 Encerrados Pero Informados Día: 416 - El Pulso De La República

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2021.10.27 22:27 wasabi_toast povo2's identity confirmation woes...try this solution

For those of you who had trouble registering an ID during povo2's signup process, I think I figured out what the problem was...
The app AI automatically entered my romaji name as half-width characters and after trying their validation systems 4 times and failing each time, I decided to reenter the name as double-width zenkaku letters, and verification surprisingly passed.
So if you have a problem with povo2 signup I suggest that you give this a try.
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2021.10.27 22:27 feral-mars-rat Gothic and cowboy, call that Y’allternative 😏😏

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2021.10.27 22:27 manofmanylores Options are dirt cheap right now

i bought like 20 $18.5 11/5 for 12 bucks each. Not that much could go a long way if this moons (which it has historically done right before/a bit after earnings.)
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2021.10.27 22:27 J05huaV123 Mega absol on me 011219075229 -velasco joshua

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2021.10.27 22:27 M00Nthatspellsmoon Can anyone help a total newbie real quick with getting FNV mods to run? Thanks!

I downloaded 2 NMC Texture Packs, Mojave Skies and one of the other smaller mods necessary, dragged them into moddrop and installed them.
Unfortunately, when I run New Vegas from Moddrop it just runs the vanilla game with no mods. Super confused here. The game is installed on Steam if this matters
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2021.10.27 22:27 Dannig178 Luísa Sonza

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2021.10.27 22:27 SunsetLions Looking for advice

I wanted to both say that I am happy and confused and ask for your advice...
I have been only eating one meal a day or just a snack and then I would not anything at all. I have counted how many calories I intake a day and it is between 200-500, each day it varies. Like one day I'll eat 200 calories and the next 500 or less.
I'm not trying to starve myself or anything it's just that ever since a break up (that happened about close to a week) I have ended up at this road. Each time I think about food or so much as look at it I feel sick to my stomach and end up losing appetite.
I have lost 3 kg's or 6 pounds in just under 2 days..
Before this all happened, I was eating 1200 calories a day and losing a couple of grams here and there.
I personally used to love food a lot, but I just can no longer look at it..
Is this normal? Am I normal? What the hell is happening to me?
And before you say that I am depressed - I am not, I am feeling quite well, I'm not sick or anything, I'm quite healthy.
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2021.10.27 22:27 Rdm248 Help with latrax teton

So my stock spur gear (54 tooth) ended up stripping and so i got a 60 tooth. But when i would full throttle it, the gears would slip. So i though it was under geared and i got a 14 tooth pinion gear, and now the gears lock up when i put the motor in. Like they wont even move when i push the car. Any help will be appreciated!
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