Ever wondered how your baby could make an impact on our understanding of children’s amazing minds at such an early age?

2021.12.09 00:52 MARCSBabyLab Ever wondered how your baby could make an impact on our understanding of children’s amazing minds at such an early age?

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2021.12.09 00:52 CrimsonMishaps Can Kill Clip proc from Rewind Rounds?

or is it an instant delete?
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2021.12.09 00:52 Corporal_Retard Insiders selling HUGE amounts of their shares!. GameStop's insiders and Apes are holding (HOLD or HODL) -- Enough Said.

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2021.12.09 00:52 multiballs Green chili chicken soup

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2021.12.09 00:52 DarkSaber01 Modeus With Glasses

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2021.12.09 00:52 SupremePizza101 Just a kitty enjoying the warmth.

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2021.12.09 00:52 Delusional_Sage Dang internet

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2021.12.09 00:52 May96_21 Sem jeito

Tenho me sentido bastante desconfortável ultimamente por sentir que "estou falhando" em manter uma conversa Muita coisa aconteceu na minha vida nos últimos 3-4 anos e por isso decidi que 2022 vou retomar o controle de tudo. Recentemente me mudei pra um ap novo, consegui um trabalho, e estou aos poucos voltando a socializar, mas.. não tem dado certo? Sou lésbica e me sinto frustrada pelos assuntos não renderem com as garotas que flerto; e o papo com possíveis amigos e amigas vai de mal a pior.. Tenho tentado me manter otimista, mas ta ficando difícil..
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2021.12.09 00:52 occasionalslut95 Hello world

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2021.12.09 00:52 ragingcowboyboner People who are “living the dream”, what’s your dream and how did you turn your dream into a reality?

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2021.12.09 00:52 nch2004 They fr didn't put anyone in charge of balancing

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2021.12.09 00:52 iraqlobster555 Got arrested after turning in a bounty?

So I just bought RD2 a couple of days ago, so I’m still pretty new to the game. I needed some money so I take on a bounty to bring back this woman who’s been going around killing guys. I had no bounty in Valentine before I took the bounty. I find her catch her & bring her back no problem. As soon as I take the money the sheriff is pointing his gun at me & I get a message in the corner saying I have a $10 bounty & I have no idea why. Anyone have any ideas why I just randomly got arrested?
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2021.12.09 00:52 No-Mastodon-7187 [Art by Yinza on Deviantart] - I don’t ship Toko but the comment had me rolling

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2021.12.09 00:52 voltzandvoices Why isn't minimum wage adjusted for inflation?

Doesn't that make the most logical sense? My family says "it doesn't work that way." I feel like I'm missing something here.
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2021.12.09 00:52 CaptainBugsBunny1 H: trades W:offers

Looking for
B/AA compound bows
BPBPP (15FR required for 3rd star)
B/SS/S melees
Bloodied commandos
Bloodied 25/15 Plasma Pistol
B/Q E/15FR double barrel
Rare apparel
Junk (steel, concrete, flux)
Will do caps on some
3* AAE movement speed LMG
3* AA FFR +1 agility minigun
3* AA DWA 15FR fixer
3* AAE 15FR assault rifle
3* Berserkers EXP 15FR fixer
3* BE15VCf 10mm pistol
3* B 25FFR RW Ultracite Gatling laser
3* BE250DRWR minigun
3* B FFR 1P Plasma rifle pistol
2* BE double barrel
3* Executioners FFR FR handmade
3* Exterminator Exp RE assault rifle
3* Ghoul Slayers 25/15 10MM pistol
3* GS 2525 assault rifle
3* Gormands EXP 15FR hunting rifle
3* hunters Exp 15FR LMG
3* Hunters Exp RW hunting rifle
3* Hunters FFR RW .50 cal
3* I E 25LVC .50 cal
3* I E 15FR double barrel
3* I 25/25 railway rifle
3* IE +1P railway rifle
3* Jug EXP break slow assault rifle
3* Jug EXP 15VCF hunting rifle
3* Junkies 25/25 10mm Submachine gun
3* JE90 10mm Submachine gun
3* medics FFR RW fixer
3* Medics Exp 25LVC tommy gun
3* medics Exp RW Gatling gun
3* Mutants Exp RW tommy gun
3* MS 2525 fixer
3* TSE15FR double barrel
3* TS FFR 250DRWR 10mm pistol
3* V 25DWA 25LVC plasma pistol
3* V 25FFR 25LVC Pump action
2* VE combat shotgun
3* V 25DWA 15FR minigun
Soiled Mr fuzzy set x3
Whitespring jumpsuit x2
Skull lord blood eagle set x1
Assault rifle
Meat tenderizer
Sledge hammer heavy searing sharp rocket
Ultracite emergency protocols x2
3* Assassin’s Heavy robot LA with AP and Cav
39 nuclear key cards
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2021.12.09 00:52 dlf1993ca How do you meet your dates?

I’m genuinely curious as to how people meet their dates.
Do you go out in public and throw yourself out there? Swipe left or right online? Or maybe a friend introduced you two.
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2021.12.09 00:52 CloudProper im new- hello

what should I trade Goth lalita cuffs for?? ^^
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2021.12.09 00:52 Significant-Club-188 My brain is fried today

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2021.12.09 00:52 Accomplished-Read924 Kurosawa Dia from Love Live Sunshin cosplaying Kakegurui uniform - - - Twitter: @Roswell_SS

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2021.12.09 00:52 MisterPoppit Had an affair but she did not reciprocate my feelings for her when I want to take things seriously

Let me start off back in time when I was 6 months into getting over a breakup with a woman I had a relationship for 4 years. It was a sexless relationship due to her religion and I sometimes regret why I let myself stay on that kind of relationship for that long. Maybe because I was afraid of being single. Due to my clear lack of interest in the relationship, the constant strain in our relationship forced her to finally break up with me. Honestly, I was sad at first but at the back of my mind and my heart, I was truly relieved from finally getting away from a relationship I no longer want to be in.
For 6 months, I made the most out of the fact that I was now single again. Went out more with friends, go to drinking sprees without having any restrictions from a partner and did a lot of stuff I was not able to enjoy when I was still tied up with my now ex-girlfriend. After 6 months of enjoying my freedom, I decided it was time to get back into the game again. It's time that I should date someone again since I was able to clean my feelings from my ex.
I tried my hand at casual dating and tried to introduce myself to women that I have been interested in for the longest time. I dated 2 women and my initial plan was just to casually go on dates and ultimately sleep with them and call it a day. Turns out, I'm not really built for the casual dating scene. I realized that I was more of the "serious relationship" kind of guy. I tried sleeping with one of the women I was casually dating and after we have done the deed, guilt crept up to me because I would eventually dump this woman since I already had my way with her. I felt extreme pity towards her knowing that I just used her for a casual hookup and she may have earnestly invested her emotions towards me.
The next morning as we woke up, I asked her if we could go steady and it was the most queasy feeling I had felt for months. I know in myself that I truly do not want her to be my girlfriend but at the same time, I am racked up with guilt with the fact that I initially planned to just use her as a casual hookup to get me through the night. That was the beginning of our relationship. Since I was already in the situation, I did my best to make her feel loved and cared for and did what any good boyfriend would do in a healthy relationship. I admit at first, I was only doing it out of my conscience and I was just trying to appease my guilt for trying to her as a warm body to get me through the night. However, as the months have passed, my love for her grew and my gestures and emotions become more and more authentic.
The next 2 years with her was a roller coaster fun ride. After several years of being in a celibate relationship, I was finally able to get all the sex I wanted, when I wanted. Mind you, she is has a well-endowed body and could satisfy a man if she wanted to. She gave me everything a girlfriend could and I could not want for more. Our sex life was pretty active up to the point we had to deal with the possibility that she might be pregnant. When this happened, I was so really so worried and anxious because I was not ready for that kind of commitment yet. Having an offspring was never part of my plan. Turns out, she just had PCOS causing her periods to become irregular. After all has been said and done, we still have a healthy relationship after this and we tried to keep our sex life in the down low to avoid having to deal with unexpected pregnancy scares again.
At this point in time, I asked myself, would I want to continue this relationship? Would she be the one that I would like to marry? Aside from hitting it off on that one fateful night, I realized that we really do not have many things in common. I felt that there was really this gap in our relationship that could not be filled. We never had really big and bad arguments or issues during our relationship but in the back of my head, there is this gap in our relationship that could not seem to be bridged because of how she is as a person and her overall character. I have nothing against her but in terms of her personality, there really is something missing that I cannot put a finger into that makes me not want to push further with the relationship.
Despite these thoughts, I continued on with the relationship as is even though its starting to get a little bit stale.
It came to the time that I had to transfer to a new company with greener pastures(she and I worked at the same company) and she stayed with the company I used to work for where I met her. After several months working for this new company, I met a woman who shared my interests and hobbies and we were both take up drawing as a hobby. I made some efforts to get to know this woman and befriended her. We got really close and we communicated every day to the point that I already felt guilty because of the frequency of our communications. Unfortunately, she was currently in a relationship with another co-worker and she was just being discrete about it. Despite that fact, I felt something was special was between the two of us, like a spark if you will. Given our common interests, it was easy to start up a conversation with her and it felt like there was really something more to our friendship.
It came to the point that I admitted that I was already falling for her despite we are both in a relationship. After that, she also admitted that she was feeling something for me which is more than friendship. With this established, we started to date in secret and I was really able to get close to her. In a span of a few months, our little affair went deeper up to the point that we have spent intimate nights together, all when we are still both in a relationship. During the time that we are having an affair, she mentioned to me that her boyfriend seem to have been neglecting her as of late.
After a few months of having an affair with her, I started to ask her that I wanted to take this on another level and wanted to go stable with her. Given the situation with her boyfriend, and my current relationship growing stale, it would have been a win-win situation for the both of us if we broke up with our current relationships and hooked up together. You would not have another man/woman on the side if you are satisfied with your current relationship right? WRONG!! Boy, I was so wrong!!!
After expressing my intentions to our relationship in to a more serious level, she informed me that she does not wish to end her current relationship with her boyfriend. By this time, I was already fully emotionally invested in her. I was so into her up to the point that I thought that she could have be the one that I would finally marry. Truthfully speaking, out of all the girlfriends that I had, she was the first one that made me seriously consider marriage. I was so deeply in love with her that I am willing to give her an offspring, something I repeatedly told myself I did not want if ever I would have gotten married. I tried to negotiate with her and did my best to made her feel that I was a better fit for her compared to her boyfriend who was constantly neglecting her. But alas, she was dead set on maintaining her relationship with her current boyfriend. No matter what I say or do, her decision was final and unchanging.
Since I was so deeply in love and emotionally invested in her, I jumped the gun and broke up with my current girlfriend in a hasty attempt to show her that I was dead serious about getting in a serious relationship with her. However, this did not sway her decision and she stuck with her original man and said to me she was just sad and lonely during the time we had an affair and when those feelings have passed, she still ultimately wants to return back to her boyfriend.
This left me broken, devastated, and without a relationship. I have lost it all for being a cheat. I couldn't bear the fact that I would be losing contact with her so I decided to be her friend. She reluctantly agrees and said it would be very difficult for me especially since I still have feelings for her. After being accepted in her life further as a "friend", I was able to maintain communication with her despite the pandemic breaking out forcing us all on lockdown. After the lockdown was eased, I was able to get to know her family and was even visiting her at their home. It came to the point that I was so close to her sisters and her cousins that I always welcome at their home if I wish to visit. Her family is very kind to me and makes me feel welcome whenever I go there to visit them.
However, in the end, that's all I was to her, a family friend. No matter how close I got to her family or to her, I was ultimately, "just a friend". Despite the good treatment I was getting, it's not sitting well with me that this is all that I could be, a "family friend" and nothing more. On a side note, her boyfriend has not even visited her or met her family yet due to his "personal family circumstances" which prevents him from visiting her. For me that it's utter bullshittry and if you really wanted to be with someone and spend some time with them, you will make way for it on your schedule instead of making weak-ass excuses.
As of now, I am still stuck hoping that the direction of the wind will change in my favor and everything that I have worked for would come to fruition. After almost 2 years of being in this kind of situation, I am still getting frustrated when I see her communicating with her boyfriend or whenever she shuts me down when I make subtle attempts to romance her.
What should I do in this kind of situation? I am really torn up about the state of things but at the same time, I wanted to move forward with my life. There are a lot of times that I wish I could just cut off all ties and communications with her and her family to end this all but the bright lure of something might still happen in my favor pulls me back every time, I'm stuck with thinking that If I gave up now, I might still be able to get what I want if I continued to persist further.
During the time that we were having an affair, I was able to procure some photos and videos of our relationship. As my ultimate backup plan, if she ended up still getting proposed to for marriage by his current boyfriend, I'm planning to send the photos and videos as well as the conversations of our affair to her boyfriend to incriminate her and finally get back at her for not choosing me. I decided on this action plan because I am not willing to be her friend if she still marries that guy.
At this moment, I think this is the only thing that would appease me if it comes to the point that they both decide to tie the knot. I know this will entail a lot of trouble and losing the friendship and relationship I have with her family but I don't want her to walk out of this scot-free. Somehow, I needed to get back.
What are your opinions or advice about this? Please share your thoughts so that I could be enlightened further. Should I continue maintaining a good friendship with her and if it still turns south, carry out my plan to get back at her?
Thanks in advance for the advise!
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2021.12.09 00:52 Puzzleheaded-Walk464 Best jewelers in Geelong?

New to town and just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on jewelers in Geelong they have bought from.
Thanks everyone
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2021.12.09 00:52 Oriasan My first Demon and the first one I have seen :D Love some BTB

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2021.12.09 00:52 thetragedyofjoeygray 38

Really wanted to peak today but didin't. Came way too close to doing it. Pray for me brothers.
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2021.12.09 00:52 Healthy-Meaning-2165 Rollin down in the deep

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2021.12.09 00:52 Consistent_Error_188 What happen in Vegas that was suppose to stay in Vegas?

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